Monday, January 25, 2010

Two Shuffles

I planned to take Kona up one of our favorite peaks this morning, but my plan stayed a plan. As soon as I started jogging, I knew it would be rough to convince my legs to make it up the two and a half miles of switchbacks. They felt like jello.

The trails are still wet from last week's storms and Kona seems to find more sniffs after the rain. I happily stopped my shuffle to let her sniff everything. Halfway up the trail, I called it a morning and we headed back to the car.

To make up for our lost AM miles, we headed out for an evening jog, err, shuffle. I took Kona's long line so she'd get some exercise, even if I wasn't moving fast. She would reach the end of her line and look back at me.

I decided to use my slow pace to practice Kona's recall. She would race in front of me and just before she yanked on her leash (or just after, if my timing was off) I'd let out a, "Kona, come!"

We kept cool thanks to a cloud cover. The saturated sky made the new spouts of grass look emerald green. At our turn around point, we passed a slope that burned last summer. The new growth is slowly covering the ashen hillside.

We finished our shuffle after an hour on the ridge line. I didn't get my endorphins fix, but I got my dose of Kona.

On the Training Front
Kona heads into her third week of Canine Good Citizen class. If all goes well, on the final day Kona will be tested and qualify as a Canine Good Citizen. Well, let me just say that Kona is special. My mom has dubbed her my special ed. dog. She has a package of fear issues that make the test seem laughable. But! But, we're going to class anyway. I'll keep you posted!

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