Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunrise Sunday: Spring Edition

While we were MIA in blogville, Kona and I remained dawn-chasers. Here are some of our Spring morning views.

The days of snow on our low peaks are behind us but a mild Spring and extra rain dusted our foothills late in the season.

Rainy mornings often caught us by surprise and left us with ethereal skies.

The sun did sometimes come out. This is Southern California after all.
Kona got better at waiting on her silly human's sky gazing.
A special sunrise dedication to all the fathers out there today!


Priscilla said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful Kona!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Sara said...

Gorgeous mornings!

Diana said...

Just Beautiful!

KB said...

I'm glad that you and Kona have been having such gorgeous sunrise runs! I wondered if you'd gotten back to running since your marathon injury. It sounds like you eventually did!

Dawn said...

It's worth the wait, isn't it Kona-girl!

Kathy said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL! I suppose that is a special little payoff for you getting up and getting out there early, you get those type of views. ;-)