Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Hike in. . .Pictures!

We went to the same high canyon we explored two weeks ago.

Yucca showed off a tree-sized bloom.
We stopped early by the creek to let Kona drink.
Back on the trail, Kona tried to set the pace.
She stopped in her tracks when she spotted, you guessed it, a squirrel.

The creek kept us company as it bubbled into pools before moving down canyon.

Kona detoured to explore the ruins of an old cabin. I marveled at the river rock construction.

I also stood amazed at the force of nature.
Kona didn't do much standing. Her nose was hard at work.
Water spilled over the trail to the creek below, reminding me of the Pacific Northwest, if only for a few meters of trail.
Kona looked back at her lingering human.
As we gained elevation, I watched the sun slowly work into the canyon.
Though we hiked at a steady pace, our destination on the ridge above felt a mile (straight up) away.
Seconds from the top, Kona spotted a chipmunk,
but quickly lost sight of it.
With potential prey up a tree, I was able to coax Kona to our saddle.
The fun continued on our descent. First there were lizards
Next came the chipmunk.
We made one final stop by a pool before heading to the car.
It was another great morning with my Kona Girl.


Barb said...

So happy you have the camera - I enjoyed the hike you took with Kona - maybe almost as much as she did! That last shot of the little waterfall by the pool is wonderful - I enlarged it. Glad your intrepid tracker can enjoy these outdoor spaces, free of foxtails.

Sara said...

You got your camera back! Yay! Not that I didn't love reading your wonderful descriptions. Kona is just so darn cute though! Plus, the muscle definition in her hind legs....amazing! I wonder if Oreo has anything like that? Too much fur for me to tell. LOL.

And the landscape is incredible. So different from where I live.

great post!

Sam said...

It's been a while since I've had a chance to appreciate all of the blogs that I read - it's been a little chaotic around here - but I sure am happy that I came here to see this. Lovely landscape, lovely dog, lovely day. It sounds like you both had an awesome time. I really like that cabin, too - there's supposedly something like it hidden in our woods that I'd like to expore once tick season dies down.

Stella said...

Beautiful walk, beautiful dog (she just looks so perfect). Thanks for taking me along.

Stella says thanks for your suggestion for her and Ali Z! We had a great walloping laugh out of that one.

Where did Kona's harness come from?
I might want a new one for Stella.



Diana said...

That looks like such a beautiful place to run and hike. Diana

KB said...

Kona looks very very happy, and I bet that you were too! All that water... I don't usually associate so much water with So California.

I always marvel at the remains of stone cabins too, imagining the amount of work involved in building such an enduring structure. I always wonder when it was built, who lived there, and why they left.

I'm glad that you two girls got out for a hike!

Priscilla said...

It's an interesting trail to walk and explore. Kona looks happy and fit over there. I'm glad you've found such a beautiful place for Kona to walk.

Beautiful pictures too.

Kathy said...

I can see why Kona would LOVE her hikes, she really gets to be a DOG, use her nose, her tracking, her hunting abilities. Very cool. The Yucca is gorgeous, and the trail really looks beautiful. Thanks for taking us along, LOL!!!

LauraK said...

Yay for pictures! What beautiful scenery you get to enjoy with that pretty girl of yours :)

Dawn said...

Cameras are those Kona ears!