Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Risky Business

I couldn't take it anymore. I haven't been able to get out for a high-altitude hike with Kona this week, so I took her to our foxtail-infested ridge. I think both Kona and I have been antsy from missing our daily trail time and the extra nervous energy piled too high. Off we went.

Running with Kona on these fireroads wouldn't be risky if she wasn't a pouncer. The trail is wide enough to steer clear of stickers, but Kona can't resist the rabbits and I can't hold her on a short lead. Luckily, I have a new leash that's shorter than Kona's regular line to help limit her range.

The folks at CanaDog found my post about Kona's canicross kit and sent me their new 3-in-1 leash to try out for free. This new line is made out of webbing, instead of rope, so it's easier to hold. It's working well for us because it's only 4 feet long (plus the bungee) which turns out to be the perfect length for me to keep Kona away from the sides of the trail but still keep her attached to my waist. This has required some funny running from me, including quick, sideways dashes to deflect potential pounces, but it keeps my arms happy.

It felt good to move in the overcast morning. June Gloom pushes the marine layer inland this time of year, keeping morning temps down and the sun covered. Despite the cool air, summer surrounded us. All of winter's green has dried. Even the mustard is on its last leg.
Kona was less than thrilled about my bizarre running and squeaking every time she neared the side of the trail, but I don't think I stressed her too much. We stopped at our turn-around point to practice some obedience. Kona had trouble focusing, but gave me a few sits and took her treats. She was much more interested in the ridge above us.

On the final stretch to the car, a row of mustard stood in the middle of the trail, free of foxtails and fair game for sniffing. Kona didn't waste any time.
It was perhaps a risky run, but it was fun to move on our home turf.


Sara said...

That's so cool that Canadog is sending you products to try out!

I'm glad you were able to do one of your local trails, and came home foxtail free!

Sara said...

That's so cool that Canadog is sending you products to try out!

I'm glad you were able to do one of your local trails, and came home foxtail free!

Barb said...

In that first photo, Kona looks like she'd rather be in bed! Would love to see a video of you running - I am imagining it and smiling.

Kathy said...

I bet Kona was really happy to be in her old stomping grounds and how cool the people at canadog must be, that is really neat they sent you the leash to try and really neat that it sounds like it worked out really well. I will have to check them out more carefully!

LauraK said...

How cool that they found your blog and sent you that new product to try free! I always love free stuff :)

I'm so happy that you two were able to hit the trails again and avoid those evil foxtails! I'm sure it's so great to be back out there running on your home turf. Kona seems to be enjoying herself.

It was funny that you commented on that "pesky sheltie" from our USDAA trial post. I almost wrote that exact thing, but didn't want to offend any sheltie owners. Although- they are rather pesky! (in a good way- most of the time :)

Diana said...

That is neat that they would read your blog and send you a leash to try. Thanks for posting thier site. I keep thinking I want to try out scootering with my dogs to get them running, so I looked at thier scooters. thanks, Diana

Shelley said...

So glad you are getting use out of the 3 in 1. . . they are extremely popular. Thanks so much for the great testimonial in your blog! We love reading about your adventures with Kona and live vicariously through you and your access to such fantastic trails. Best from CanaDog!