Monday, August 2, 2010


The last few days brought overcast mornings, so I was excited to see blue sky and clouds to start the day. Kona stood silhouetted by the rising sun.
I wanted to add some distance to our run. Unfortunately, our ridge is relatively short, so to add miles I had to add laps. I'm not a fan of running laps, it can feel more like training than exploring. While I enjoy training as well, I like to package it in an adventure.

I soon realized that our blue sky also meant a warm sky. About halfway through our run, Kona looked back at me, perhaps asking for some shade.
When we crested one of our mini-hills, something reflected off the sun and caught my eye. A Mylar balloon floated, half suspended, over the trail. When Kona first spotted it, she slowed down and changed her course to arc around the strange object. I was happy to see her decide the balloon was safe. She didn't flee as it floated around. She even stood on her hind legs to try to get a sniff as it took off.
We rounded the trail fork to finish our final lap. I wondered why I had planned our run to finish on the hilliest trail with little shade. Kona was slowing down. I've figured out that it's hard to tire Kona with added distance, but the heat gets to her quickly.

I decided to stop in one of the only plots of shade. We were close to finishing, but Kona was panting hard. She decided to lie down, but only for a few seconds. She happily gulped water, ate some treats and just hung out in the shade. (Alright, Kona looks tortured in this picture, but I promise she wasn't!)
We slowed down to cool off a bit before getting in the car. As much as I don't care for running laps, I do love a summer morning on the trails with Kona.


Sara said...

I hate doing laps too. Makes it seem too much like regimented exercise.

I wonder how Kona would feel about one of those cooling coats? I know lots of agility people swear by them, but I'm not sure Kona would appreciate it.

I can't believe the balloon didn't bother Kona! What a strange object for her to see. That's great that she didn't care about it after investigating.

Barb said...

I would be panting like Kona! Give me the shade, please!

KB said...

My dogs very much object to doing laps, even though I'm sometimes forced to when only a few trails have packed snow in the winter. They look at me as if I'm nuts as I take them on a trail that we've already covered!

You're lucky that Kona doesn't mind! And, it's awesome that the mylar balloon didn't freak her out. They freak out my dogs!!!

Sorry it was so hot... That is the toughest part on a dog. You get such early starts so you're doing the best you can to avoid the heat (aside from running in the dark :)

Dawn said...

This is the toughest part of the year to be training for a half marathon! Heat heat heat! Glad you weren't torturing poor Kona, she sure looked like it though!

I HATE laps. When I'm training long I have to do 2 laps of my 8 mile circle. I just hate seeing the car and knowing I have to go around again. Sometimes I turn around before the car and go the other way just to avoid that. Sometimes I double back on miles out on the other side of the lake to avoid it. Sometimes it feels like I'm doing the same stinking mile over and over. No fun!

But you made it! Good job!

Priscilla said...

I hate laps too!!
Going for one long run is much better because you don't have to count how many times you see the same place again!!

Kathy said...

you know it looks hotter then most of your runs look, Kona did look hot even in the pictures, I bet you were too ;-). yea Kona! for exploring that weirdo mylar thing, not often you see those on a trail. The colors look so pretty in your pictures.

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

Balloon! Been there, had a freaked out dog to show for it. The worst, however, was the time a paraglider got way off course and swooped in on us while we were in town. Having a huge parachute with a man attached coming right over our heads was just TOO much for Lilly. Poor sweetie.

Diana said...

It looks so beautiful there! Glad you had some sunny skys. Diana