Monday, August 23, 2010

Sending Strength

To all my blogging friends (two and four-legged) who've been handed too much recently,

I wish you strength

and hope you find peace in a new day,

possibilities in the open sky,

a renewed spirit and curiosity,

with safety as you find your way.

I hope you can pause in sunshine

and laugh, chasing goblin shadows.

in spite of it all,
goodness abounds.


Dawn said...

Thank you for that. Hugs to you and Kona.

Sara said...

Beautiful, touching, uplifting.

This was just the post we all needed today.

Sam said...

Thanks for this, AC. It's been an emotional weekend here.

Kathy said...

GREAT POST and beautiful pictures as always and wonderful sentiments!!!!

MurphyDog said...

Very beautiful!!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Priscilla said...

Love this post, AC.
Thank you for that and for your well wishes.

Barb said...

What uplifting, positive wishes. Thank you!

Barb said...

PS That last photo with the path and the mountains beyond really draws the eye.

Stella said...

Thanks, AC, for the lovely photos and words. In addition to those, we are supposed to get 70 degree temps tomorrow (instead of 85+).

Things couldn't be better!

Cheers and hugs,

Jo and Stella

LauraK said...

Sounds like we're all going through a lot lately! Thank you so much for the post, I needed that :)

KB said...

Thank you for a wonderful post, full of your good spirit.

Anonymous said...

What a Most Beautiful post! Thank you so much for it!

Wiggles & Wags,

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

Ha! I love those shadow photos. I take some of Lilly like that too. There is something about the fall sun that makes them (at least here). -

Dawn said...

Everything OK with you and the pup? I hope so!