Monday, September 6, 2010

Before the Weather Break

Yesterday was the promised end to another week of hot weather. The air felt think--a strange sensation against the dark sky. As we crested our first hill, the sunrise seemed to radiate heat.
The topography of our trail climbs, drops, twists and turns to create pockets that hide both warm and cold air. As Kona and I dropped to the bottom of the next hill we were greeted by a blast of cold air. I welcomed the goosebumps.

I let Kona run on the side of the trail. She prefers running on ledges, fallen trees and other precarious paths to the wide fireroad. I enjoyed watching her perk up as she balanced along the raised sand ledge. I kept a close eye on Kona, making sure she didn't contemplate a pounce.
By the time we reached the base of our longest descent, ridges and valleys emerged from the shadows of the mountains. Our forest is still a giant sand dune from the fire that burned a year ago. It's a sight I haven't gotten use to.
We met more hikers than the last time we were here. Kona took it in stride until three mountain bikers inched their way in our direction, up a steep hill. I've always been amazed at how unfazed Kona is around cyclists but the zig-zagging (slow) pace of this trio proved to be too much.

We finished our last hill in solitude. I tried to ignore the bottles and cigarette butts that littered our lookout point. The accessibility of this trail makes it a hangout spot for local kids. I was suddenly grateful that all local schools would be back in session soon.

Kona sat perched on the green bench--our favorite picture spot during our winter runs. She sat relaxed, ate treats and seemed to soak up the morning. I followed suit.


Priscilla said...

Love your beautiful pictures. Kona looks so pleased and satisfied after the walk...

Kathy said...

I would bet that mountain bikers going really slow and moving like they do going uphill would look not normal to a dog. Kona always looks so at peace and fulfilled the end of her walks, great pictures.

Dawn said...

Man what a great time you guys had! Loved the sunrise, and of course the one of Kona with the morning sun on her face. Wonderful!

LauraK said...

It's unfortunate that people can't respect our environment and trash it for their own silly benefit. I hate seeing stuff like that too!

Kona is such a beautiful girl :) I like your previous post of her nose in the hole- I think maybe she and Riley are related lol!