Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunrise in Pictures

Fall didn't linger long. The past week has been miserably hot. We set a new record on Monday for the hottest temperature ever recorded downtown. Ever recorded, not just the record high for that day. I had candles outside that have melted.

While training has slowed down, Kona and I have still gotten out for some pre-dawn hikes. Some funky movement in the atmosphere has brought us rare poofy clouds, lighting and beautiful sunrises. I'll leave you with the sky show we watched the last two mornings.




Sara said...

I can tell from looking at Kona that it is hot! Very cool sky photos. I'm looking forward to changing the clocks back. I hate these dark mornings.

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I agree with you completely.

Two Pitties in the City said...

What great photos. It has been so hard to get out there on these dark mornings; I'm amazed how you and Kona do it.

Stella said...

Great photos, the sky is beautiful!

Yes, I am amazed too, at your ability to roll out so early. Good luck!


Jo and Stella

Priscilla said...

What a constrasting change in the scenery!
I hope the heat will go away soon for you :)

KB said...

Wow, those photos are incredible, particularly the first two. The last one of Kona is beautiful too!

I read about your weather. Thank goodness that you have a talent for getting up super early (I don't have that talent).

You commented about how hard it must be to get out onto the trails without K. I learned my lesson years ago when my previous running dog couldn't join me anymore. I stopped mountain biking for a couple of years when she stopped, and I really learned my lesson. I was pretty sad for those two years. I can be a much better human for my dogs if I'm still getting out there onto the trails on my bike, even without them. I just have to get over the hump at the beginning when I have a lump in my throat a lot of the time...

When is your marathon? Perhaps you could update all of us, and help remind people about sponsoring you!

LauraK said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm sure that you have such a wonderful time spending the quiet, peaceful mornings with Kona on the trail everyday :) I love reading about your adventures and seeing that beautiful red dog having a great time!

Kathy said...

I LOVE getting up really early,.....once I am up and moving-but actually waking up and getting up is soo hard, LOL, it just feels so still and quiet and like you have the world to yourself, I really admire you getting up and doing your predawn hikes, Kona is a really, really lucky girl to get to savor all those early mornings and what a great time when it has been so hot the last week!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh! What Most BEAUTIFUL sky pictures!

We heard abouts the horrible, hot temperatures out where you live. I sure hope you all stay cool and safe! And I hope that fall finds its way to you soon!

Wiggles & Wags,