Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taking it Slow

Kona didn't enjoy the firework fun on the 4th but she bounced back without a problem. While really scary events can leave her on edge for days, Kona took to the trails and our yard just like herself.
After our successful peak hike last week, I've been looking forward to our next big adventure. But an onslaught of Summer heat squelched my motivation. The past few days we've stuck to our local trail, taking our time in the warm mornings.
The heat slows Kona down and she didn't seem to mind my sluggish pace. She trudged along in front of me until two deer bounded across the trail.
Finally far enough away from the deer scent, we putted along again.
While I sometimes itch for adventure, meandering close to home can be special too.


Kathy said...

How cool that there was such a fast bounce back after the fourth. The pictures are so gorgeous!

Sara said...

Glad to hear the Kona made it through the 4th ok.

Those sunrise photos are incredible.

Barb said...

I enlarged those sunrise photos - very special. And, i agree with this: "While I sometimes itch for adventure, meandering close to home can be special too."

Dawn said...

Oh I agree too...I'm always wishing I could explore and travel more, but still I realize that home is very wonderful too. Glad Kona got through the fireworks just fine. That's all you can ask for!

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

Glad to see your girls are getting out, despite the heat.

KB said...

I couldn't agree more - meandering close to home can actually be the best, letting you discover things that you never noticed before.

I looked back at the posts that I missed while my internet has been down - I'm glad that Kona is doing so well, on group hikes and bouncing back from fireworks!