Friday, December 16, 2011

Fireball Dog and Sunrise

Yesterday, Koan and I jumped at the chance to see the day awake. Although we started our run before the sun peaked over the horizon, the beginning of daybreak provided enough light to leave my headlamp behind.
My legs were stiff from our long hike the day before, but I felt myself regain energy as we shuffled along in the low light. Kona fell asleep at 4:30 the previous afternoon and showed no sign of fatigue.
As the sky became lighter, giving me visibility to scan the ridgeline for wildlife, I dropped Kona's long line and let her run. And run she did.
Because Kona's fear makes her a flight risk and because she's a bona fide huntress, her chances for off leash romps are few and far between. But I love to watch the little fireball fly when she gets the freedom. I think she likes it too.
After I re-leashed Kona, she settled back into a slow trot, taking in all the scents along the way. I slowed down to watch the sun make it's debut.
I wonder if the sun knew it wasn't the first red fireball to grace the hilltops that morning.


Sara said...

Love the happy Kona photo!

I don't let Oreo off leash much either. I know it wouldn't take much to send him running.

I need to look into getting a head lamp. It takes forever for the sun to rise this time of year, so I have to wait until afternoon for our walks in the woods.

Kathy said...

There is nothing more exciting and happy then seeing a dog that usually does not get to run off leash find a place where they get a few minutes of that freedom, it sounds LOVELY!

Dawn said...

This is just beautiful. Beautiful photos, love the sunrise, but of course my favorite is Kona laughing in joy. I've sure missed going on a morning run with you in blogland!

LauraK said...

Such a happy girl! It's good to have you two back to blogging, we've missed you! I've been slacking big time too :) Looks like a fun early morning for you and the Kona girl- Riley loves running free too!