Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Failed Sunset Attempt

With our daily romp put on hold until the afternoon, I decided to capture a rare sight--sunset. So I held out for an extra half hour, leaving home at 3:05, which put us on the trail just before 3:15,

knowing, if we took our time, we'd be on the trail until 4:15,

also knowing, full well, that the sun wouldn't set until nearly 5:00, but the thought of waiting an extra hour seemed near torturous for my waning, wake-before-dawn body,

so I hoped the sun might set early, just for us.
But it didn't. We'll try a different strategy next time.


KB said...

It's funny how our bodies have their own rhythms. Seeing sunrise takes a huge effort for me because my body tends to want to stay up late and get up late. I fight it so that I can see sunrise but some days I'm too late.

It's funny that seeing sunset is hard for you... just the opposite of me!

LauraK said...

Looks like you two still had a fun time! Hope you catch it on your next attempt :)

Sara said...

I have a sunrise/sunset app on my phone. I check it all the time! Right now, our afternoons are getting longer, but our sunrise is coming later and later. Weird.

Good luck next time.

Dawn said...

I guess the sun had other ideas for the day. Kona looks like she's looking for that elusive sunset in that last photo! Happy New Year to both of you!