Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012!

I can't think of a better way to start a new year than a morning on the trail. I've learned over the past three years with Kona that the better part of the city thinks the same. After frustrating trail attempts from previous years, Kona and I applied our best skill this morning....early.
We plodded along well before the sun rose. I left the headlamp behind, comfortable on the familiar fireroad, but half worried about tripping over bodies as we jogged through the dark. It wouldn't be the first time Kona and I had run into people rolled up in sleeping bags on our ridge. Holidays bring out many the eager, ableit ill-prepared and ill-informed adventurer. Lucky for us, the trail was all ours. Well, almost.
After our first turning point, I heard the dreaded, thump, vuuuuum, thump.

The paperboy flew through the neighborhood below us. While normally not newsworthy, to Kona, the paperperson might as well be the automotive Grim Reaper. So we ran. Fast.

In a testament to Kona's growing confidence, she recovered quickly. Less than a minute later, I froze dead in my tracks. I squinted, trying to make out what stood frozen on the trail in front of us. I wheeled Kona close, taking a few steps forward. A swoosh of the towering tail gave the skunk away. While every other animal runs off the trail when pursued by a plodding AC and crazy-eyed Kona Dog, the little stinker trucked along in the middle of the trail, tail high, for ten minutes! Kona was thrilled.

When our morning company finally found a suitable spot to meander off trail, Kona and I were on our own to enjoy the beginnings of the new year.

Happy 2012 to all our blogging buddies. May the new year bring filling moments of solitude and cherished days of good company, preferably not of the little stinker sort.


Barb said...

Hello AC, I loved seeing Kona on New Year's morning. She's looking quite beautiful. Thank goodness she didn't get any of that special perfume! I think you'll love reading on the Kindle. I'm hooked! Happy 2012!

KB said...

I am so glad that your year did not start with a skunk spraying. Fortunately, they seem to hold their fire unless they're in mortal danger.

What a perfect way to celebrate New Year's Day!

I wanted to answer your questions from my blog (I wished that I had your email address). K's forelimb bones (ulna and radius) are weakened by the tumors because the cancer cells eat away at the bones. The radiation therapy will kill the tumor cells but also kill some healthy bone cells. So, my understanding is that it will actually weaken the bone. However, K's xrays and CT scans show that she has really strong bones to start with - which makes her a good candidate for radiation. If we can kill the tumors that way, the great thing is that she'll have 4 legs for the remainder of her life. We'll have more fun if she's a quadruped than a tripod.

Thanks so much for your support. It means the world to me.

LauraK said...

Yay for Miss Kona recovering quickly, I know you've worked long and hard to get to that point with her.

Good thing you caught Kona quick enough so you didn't go home with a stinky dog :) You must have some brave skunks out there.

Happy New Year to you and Kona, looking forward to reading about your fun trail adventures!

Sara said...

Yay for gains in confidence! Skunks are so cute, why do they have to smell so bad?

Wishing you the best in this new year.

Kathy said...

It was so warm too, who knew it would be such a great day to start the new year? Love the pictures!!! Hope the new year holds tons of great things for you two, as I am sure it does.