Friday, January 6, 2012

We did it!

We headed West, traversing the top of the hillside.
Meandering from one side of the fireroad to the other, we took our time.
We paused to check on the moon, still awaiting its glory hour.
We wished sweet dreams to the city,
and bid the sun farewell.
We took time to bask in the last rays of the day.
That, my friends, is how we first hiked to see sunset.


Sara said...

An evening walk with Kona. What a great way to end the day.

Dawn said...

Good job! And great the city and of course that last shot of Kona, with the beautiful sunset light.

Kathy said...


KB said...

Wow! You did it!!! You stayed awake until sunset :)

I love the photos... but it's very odd to see a world that's not covered in snow. The sunset and red Kona were beautiful.

I bet that you're the opposite of me. I only see sunrises in the winter, when they're late. I couldn't even tell you what time sunrise is in June. I bet that your only chance to see a sunset is in winter, when it's early. We're opposites!