Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who Stole Winter?

I looked at the monthly weather report and counted seven days of weather over 80 degrees so far in January.
I suppose our temperatures sound divine for some snow-laden Spring Dreamers.
But, when your Summers linger into early November, being robbed of Reliable Cool just isn't, well, cool.

Kona and I search for shady patches during our afternoon hikes. This becomes quite the challenge in chaparral country, where shade deficient shrubs rule.
Maybe, just maybe, we'll see our foothills dusted with snow this season. Any snow dancers in the house?


Sam said...

We were in the 50's here today - unheard of for a New York January!

Hope you get a break in the heat - gosh, I can't believe I'm saying that at this time of year!

KB said...

We'll do a snow dance for you. K and R's dances have proven very effective around here!

I have to say that a very warm day does sound divine to me right now!

Sara said...

Yes! I'm doing the snow dance!

I've enjoyed our mild winter, but I love fresh snow (and snow days)!

Barb said...

Well, AC, I think all the snow dancers have already been "hired" by me. However, I won't begrudge your foothills which I know need the moisture, too. (Just make sure the storm continues to me!) Kona looks hot!

Dawn said...

We can send you some snow..we got about 4 inches today, but it came down soft and pretty and I didn't have to drive in it so all's good.