Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring's Winter Gift

Entering the Spring season, we were just above 50% normal rainfall for this time of year. Although we'd be hard pressed to make up all that lost water before Summer, late storms have brought some relief before the Baking Season.
Our last storm also left me a special treat. . .snowy foothills!

It was a morning to take our time and enjoy.

These snow-dustings last only until the afternoon sun hits the South facing slopes.
Our hills will soon change from green to golden-brown.
That's a happy Kona tail!
I hope everyone is enjoying their own springtime.


Sara said...

Looks amazing! Everything here is slowly turning green.

In a few weeks, I'll be complaining its too hot :)

Barb said...

How special - those views are spectacular. Enjoy your moisture!

Priscilla said...

Beautiful morning view of the mountains!

Kona looks so happy there too.

KB said...

Kona does look great in that second to last photo.

Snow!!!! Wow, what a cool event for you. I don't ever remember seeing it in Northern Cal near the coast...

Dawn said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like a great hike too!