Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to the Ridge

It's been three days since Kona has been able to get out for a run. I left her at home and hit the trails solo yesterday and her face as I walked out the door just killed me.

Thankfully, Kona's toes have mended enough that we were back on our foggy ridge this morning.
I love overcast weather and almost asked the sun to go away as it tried to shine down on our trail.

The grass surrounding the trail was covered with dew, so Kona had a belly bath while she explored.
Kona seemed a bit more tense than usual today, but it may just be that I was feeling a bit off and over sensitive. We also may be getting back into sync after having our routine thrown for the past few days. Whatever the case, I was still glad to be out with my Kona Dog and she still felt relaxed enough to do some exploring.

I had to cut our run a bit short because my ankle brace started hurting my heel, despite my monster backpacking socks. I'll have to come up with a better padding system so Kona and I can get out for a proper run.

On the Training Front

Tonight, Kona heads to her last CGC class before her test. We practiced heel-walking in the yard yesterday and we'll be put to test tonight. I have some video of Kona's heel work and distant sits, but I haven't had any luck today in my attempts to upload it. I'll have to try again another time!


Sara said...

Glad to hear Kona's toes are healed up, and she's back on the trail. Too bad you are stuck in an ankle brace. I suffered with tendonitis in my ankle years ago, I know how painful that can be.

Good luck with your last class.

AC said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I didn't clarify the tendonitis well...I have tendonitis in my upper body (both limbs-shoulder to hands), but my ankle brace is just from an old sprain, so my tendons are super wiggly and need the extra support. I couldn't imagine having tendonitis in my ankle! Sorry you had to go through that. That would certainly drive me crazy!

rpeters said...

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Kathy said...

gorgeous pictures, sorry your ankle was hurting though....

GOOD LUCK with the last CGC class!

KB said...

Hey, I'm so glad that the two of you are out on the trails again!!! Nail-trimming can be a nightmare... but they heal fast, thank goodness!

I've had trouble keeping up with my fave blogs, including yours, due to how darn tired I've been. Sorry!