Monday, February 8, 2010

How was Your Weather Today?

Today was my weekend. Kona and I headed up the coast to Santa Barbara for our first big outing together. We started our morning with a hike and ended our afternoon with a romp on the beach

Kona chopped blades of grass to quench her thirst.While I took in the ocean view, Kona looked downslope for pouncing opportunities.
On our way out we took the trail by the creek. Kona always finds something interesting in moving water.
I couldn't get Kona to drink from her bowl, so I said a prayer to the gods of protozoa and bacteria and let her take her fill.We hopped rocks along the creek for part of our way out. As we crossed to rejoin the trail, I realized that I was pushing through a field of poison oak. (Sent a plea out to the urushiol gods. It may have been too late. Should I pay, the view of the creek was worth it).

Off to the beach!

Kona forgot her fearfulness and romped like a crazy dog. I have some video, but Blogger seems to be having trouble with it. I'll try to post it later.

Nothing like a Winter day with my dog!


Sam said...

It's nice when our sensitive dogs forget their worried and just let loose. Love the last pic -- it's worth a thousand words!

Sam said...

worries* -- woops!

P.S., I sure hope you don't wind up with poison oak!

Sara said...

Wow! What a gorgeous day you had. Even if our weather was warm and sunny, I wouldn't have a view like that! Makes me want to hop on a plane.

Glad you and Kona got to enjoy some carefree moments. Hope neither of you has to pay for it later...with scratches & belly aches :)

KB said...

Wow, it doesn't look like winter there! I want to come visit!

With each of our dogs, they get one good case of giardia, which our vet advises us not to treat, when they're young. Then, they don't get it anymore. It's a real advantage because they can drink straight from streams on hikes and bike rides!