Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Run

This morning, Kona and I set out to make it up the trail we didn't finished last Monday. We usually make it up this peak once a week. At 5 miles round trip, it's quick enough to do before work, but with 1500 feet of elevation gain in 2.5 miles, it gets my heart working.

I started out feeling the slough of dehydration. Despite waking up in the middle of the night to drink a bottle of water, I was too low on fluids from a busy Sunday. It always takes me a couple of days to feel rehydrated, so up the trail with a headache I went.

Despite not feeling 100%, I got into a good rhythm. I enjoyed watching Kona take in the sniffs. When she yanked me off the trail to pounce something hiding under tall grass, I couldn't help but laugh at loud watching her enthusiasm. She pounces just like a coyote, jumping straight in the air to come down on her prey. (Often a lizard.)

When we got to the top, I took in the mountains.
Kona gets a good while of sniff time up top for a job well done on the trail. She was not at all into posing as there were too many things to take in.
She paused only for seconds at a time, but I think she was happy.

Happy Birthday Kona

Today Kona turns two. It's been a year of slow, hard, but good progress for the two of us. Happy birthday Girl!


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Kona! What a cute puppy she was.

Glad she was up for running again. She looks really happy on the trail.

Sam said...

I'm glad you two had a nice day out together. Happy Birthday to your sweet and beautiful girl.

KB said...

What a great birthday run for Kona and you! I love the dogs' birthdays. They feel like a celebration of our love (not to turn too mushy on you). We always take a special bike ride or hike, assuming that we're healthy.

You and Kona have had quite a journey. She is a cutie. And, BTW, you might not want her to 'learn' to pose. K sits the instant she spots a camera so I sneak around trying to catch her NOT sitting while staring seriously at the camera!

Happy Bday Kona! You're in the prime of life - enjoy!

KristenT said...

What a cutie! Happy birthday, Kona!