Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Another Morning with the Kona Dog

We were out for another sunrise. I tried to shake my Daylight Savings sleepies, while Kona shook off some pent up energy after my long Sunday away. As usual, my attention landed on the morning sky.Kona's went straight to the sniffs.
At the top of our first hill, I looked to the east. Southern California's tallest peak bathed in the warm morning's sunrise. While the summit still rests, covered in snow, it may soon take on it's dry, summer appearance, as three 80 degree days are forecasted.
When the weather warms up, the sky seems to lose it's soft colors. An airplane left it's mark on the bright sky.
Kona tried to quench her thirst on a mouthful of grass.
No one tell the dignified doggie that she looks like a goat.
I don't think Kona took in much water. Her grass has started to turn into foxtails. These are never fun when they dry out. Luckily, Kona's fur is so short that they're easy to spot in her coat. The real danger-those radar ears.
We kept running into the sun. Where's Kona...
Oh, hi Girl.
Our fellow hikers seemed to have had a case of the sleepies as well. The trails were especially quiet this morning. That is until we reached the peak of our run, where I discovered that we were being trailed by a group of 7 high school boys and their coach. Oh boy.

Kona didn't care! She hardly oriented to them. It sure helped that they were spread out and came over the hill several seconds apart. They also didn't make a peep. A good hill run will do that to the most boisterous teen.

We made it back to the car thirsty, but ready for the day. Nothing like a little morning jump-start...Kona style.


Sara said...

Man, do I have a teenage boy I'd love to send running up that hill if it will shut him up for 5 minutes! LOL.

That's awesome that Kona wasn't bothered by the boys.

Love the photo of Kona in the grass.

Sam said...

I love that photo of her sniffing up against the rock - thats one major scent she's looking to take in!

Yeah, it sure is nice when we encounter quiet people while out. Speaking of teenagers, some of the best training happens when the sports teams from the local HS go jogging in the field - none of them ever stop, and, since they're running, they aren't making those horrible loud noises that teenagers are so famous for.

LauraK said...

How's the new harness working out? Is it the snazzy red one in the picture?

I've always wanted to a be a runner, maybe someday I will be :) Such pretty pictures- what we would do for some grass right now! I wish summer would just get here already!

Glad you two had a great morning!

Priscilla said...

Looks like Kona had yet another great hike :)

Kathy said...

Kona does seem to LOVE her sniffing. Yippie for quiet teens! I do love her red harness it looks really pretty with her coloring!

KB said...

Sounds like a GREAT run. Back to the sunrises, with daylight savings time, for a little while at least. And Kona does NOT look like a goat - she looks dignified.

Way to go, Kona girl, with the big group of runners. Glad that you're so happy. Avoid those foxtails - we've had many vet visits over those!

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

I love those green grass shots. We've always called our dogs "Serengeti (insert name)" when they lay in the tall grass like that.

So, All Hail, Serengeti Kona.