Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Special Delivery

With another hot day forecasted, Kona and I left early for the Ridge. The sun burst open the surrounding sky.
The first leg of our run twisted along the fireroad, changing views from the east to the north. It seemed like every bend of the trail offered a different picture of our sunrise.
It's been awhile since we've been out this early. I had forgotten how the trail swims in rabbits at that early hour. Kona had a grad time and I was glad I had her attached to my new canicross belt so I didn't have to sacrifice my arm. With arm pain at bay, I let Kona ping-pong from rabbit to rabbit and tried to catch every view of the fast changing sky.
On our second leg of our run, I finally snapped a picture of Kona. She was having too much fun to stand still. I had to be stealthy to catch this one.
We began the series of mini-mega hills. This mile section rolls to create climbs so steep I'm often running on my tip-toes.
I was glad to have my teammate encourage (er, pull) me up these hills.

Kona took advantage of the extra room she had on her new leash to check out what she was missing downslope. New flowers have begun to fill in last season's burn areas.
We headed straight into the sun on the way back. Kona frolicked in knee-high grass. Her enthusiasm gave me a surge of energy to make it up the final climbs.
This afternoon, I took a break from work to pedal home a special delivery for Kona. Kibble! I pedaled to the pet store on my cargo bike. I'm not on this beast very often, but it sure is fun. Cargo bikes aren't too common around here, so I get a lot of stares when I ride this.
I actually had two conversations at stop lights with other people on the road. While I'm no extrovert, I do enjoy interacting in situations that usually isolate people.

So I took in my afternoon break on my bike. The weather was warm, but the beauty of cycling is that you create your own wind. Gotta love that speed! I took a back road home and enjoyed the shade of oak and sycamore trees. Then, I hit the Big Hill. Suddenly, I was glad that the pet shop ran out of 30 pound bags of kibble and I only had to haul a 15 pound bag.

Kona and I will eat well tonight.


Sara said...

I've never seen a bike like that, but I see a guy everyday riding a bike with a ton of stuff that sure could use one!

My dad is an avid bicyclist (and kinda crazy). His mantra is, "I spit on hills", but I don't think he lugs 15lbs of stuff around on his bike!

I'm glad Kona had such a fun time today, and that your new lead is giving your poor arm a much needed break!

Sam said...

It sounds like you had a great hike! Small critters have a positive effect on my dog's mood, too.

I think biking is great, and you're using it for a practical purpose, so it's even greater! I should get my bike back out this year - I admit that I always feel guilty about biking, though, since Marge can't come with me.

the girl said...

I've never seen a bike like that! Who knew it'd be such good for biking kibble around! I don't think many people do that! Haha.
Kona is so lucky to go on so many awesome walks with beautiful scenery :)

Priscilla said...

Hi Kona's mom. Sorry, that was me on the previous post. I forgot to change accounts, as that is my previous one, so hope you don't get too confused :)

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

That's a wild bike set-up. I've seen panniers, but nothing like what you have.

I wish I had an idea about the waist belt of your new harness thing, but I don't. Please do protect your back.