Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost Herself

Just a quick update today on Miss Kona. She had me on pins and needles when she came home last night. I've never had her come home so fresh off anesthesia. She was completely disoriented. If she could have talked, I don't think she would have known her name, let alone who I was or where she was at. And so (understandably) she seemed freaked out.

I felt better when I got her into her crate, but she spent the next three hours whimpering and breathing funny. Icky, icky anesthesia. Sometime between 9 and 10PM, she seemed more oriented, but was still too scared to go out to potty.

She was much better this morning, but didn't want to do much other than stretch out in bed.
We've started the bonding repair that happens post scary event with Kona. Her fear by association has happened so many times now, I don't worry too much about it. She actually hasn't seemed too scared of me. She's more cautious than scared. I'm trying to keeping my energy upbeat and pass out lots of treats to hopefully bring the slinking and flattened ears to a quick end.

Thanks to everyone for your crossed paws and healing wishes. It's good to have other crazy animal people who understand how stressful it can be to hand your furry friend to the vet.

On an up note...I did get a nice surprise from Kona's vet visit. She came home with trimmed nails! Without me asking, or charging me, the vet took care of those talons while she was out!


Barb said...

Trimmed nails are good, and I hope soon Kona's energy and courage will return to presurgery levels. Poor Kona and Poor AC! Hugs for both.

Stella said...

Thanks for the update! This sounds like it turned out OK.

Kona, will you be needing a mask for future runs?


LauraK said...

Oh I'm so glad she's doing better! You and Kona have had quite the time with those silly foxtails :) Give her lots of kisses for us, we hope to be reading about you running on the trails again soon!

Sam said...

Totally understand your elation regarding her nails.. I'm not looking forward to Dremeling them down tomorrow. I've been putting it off terribly.

Just saw the name of the sticker.. Ripgut. Ick. More like, rip-out-mom's-gut-from-worrying! Least she's on the mend now. No more stickers, Kona girl, you're going to drive AC bonkers..

Priscilla said...

We're so glad Kona is home and much better!! Hope bonding repair goes quickly and smoothly this time!

Sara said...

I'm so glad that Kona is home and the anesthesia is wearing off. I hate that stuff and what it does to our pets.

I hope Kona bounces back, physcially and mentally, soon. I guess the good part of frequent trips to the vet is that now you know the drill, and know how to help her learn to trust you again.

KB said...

I'm glad that Kona is coming around. The scared aftermath must be upsetting.

What a nice treat about the trimmed nails!

Diana said...

Im so glad everything worked out. Diana

Kathy said...

I always ask them to do nails if they have to put the dogs out, some vets just routinuely do it no matter what is being done, I got that tip from a dog person a while back! The ONLY good thing about having to have your dog under anesthesia, there has to be some sort of benefit from it, LOL! So glad Kona is back and OK, and so glad you know how to handle any residual scared feelings...does it get less each time she goes through something like this, or does she come out of it quicker with each time?

I am so relieve to know Kona is doing well, give her a hug for us when she is up to hugs!

Dawn said...

Awwww...good girl Kona! You rest up now, the better to take AC on a great run soon!