Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can She Get a Break?

Update 5:45PM
Kona's home. She's really out of it. She doesn't seem to know who I am or where she's at. She was frantically pacing the house, so I just put her in her crate to try to settle her.

The sticker she picked up is from the grass, bromus diandrus. Its common name is Ripgut...yeah.

The vet sent us home with an antibiotic and an antihistamine. She'll be on those for a few days, but they're just preventatives. I'll feel better when her level of consciousness comes back up, but it still feels good to have her home.

A request for crossed paws for Kona Girl.

She took one pounce on our run this morning and emerged with a foxtail in her nostril. For those familiar with the stickers in the west, it wasn't a normal foxtail, the seed she picked up was one of those really really long ones. It stuck a couple inches out of her nose, but the barbed tip was already too far in for me to get it out. By the time the vet opened a couple hours later, it had migrated further back into her nasal cavity.

This is Kona's 11th vet visit in the last 13 months. Add on 3 hospitalization nights and I think she's due for a frequent visitor reward. Ugh.

The vet told me she wouldn't be worked on until sometime between 11:30 and 2:30. I understand that they need to get her in whenever is best, since hers isn't a life threatening condition. On top of that, the vet said the procedure could take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, depending on where the sticker landed. So it makes sense that they have to leave a big window for when they'll get to her, but my stomach turns over thinking about her being terrified as she waits. Ugh again.

Thanks for hearing my emotional upchuck. I'll update when she comes home.


Sara said...

You must be so worried. Let us know how Kona makes out. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Sam said...

UGH! I am so sorry. My stomach would be doing flip flops right about now, too. Update us ASAP - poor Kona girl. I hope this is the END of her vet visits for a long while.

PS - Yes - Marge is a little stinker when it comes to big dogs. When she's not snarking at them, she often does start that whole mounting business. As you probably know, I really don't subscribe to any of that dominance stuff, so I'm really wondering where it comes from. Is she really trying to over power them? Make herself feel better? I wish I knew!

Kathy said...

OOOH POOOR KONA, I was thinking of you when Cricket went through some horrible foxtails and it took me hours to get them out of her hair, they were down way next to the skin,....they are horrible. Poor Kona, hope they get to her soon and get it all taken care know there are not many things in the world I can not figure out some reason for them being here,...but foxtails would be high on my list of things I have no clue what purpose they serve, ahhhh.

Priscilla said...

Oh no! Our prayers are with Kona !!
Poor girl. I hope the procedure is quick and painless.

MurphyDog said...

Ruh Roh!!

I had my own scare with an evil foxtail yesterday! Mom took me on a hike in a local open space park and there were foxtails EVERYWHERE! All I did was walk over to do a lil sniffing, and BAM! Sneezy Central!

I musta sneezed about 20 times in a row...but then either the foxtail went down my throat and was gone, or it was never there in the first place and I just had a tickle. Either way, Mom was breathing a BIG sigh of relief.

After that she wouldn't let me near the edge of the trail!

Paws crossed that Kona's procedure is easy on her!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Diana said...

Im glad we dont have to foxtail things here. They sound terrible. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Diana

AC said...

Kathy, I ask the same question about foxtails. What drives me even more nuts is that all of the grasses I know around here that make stickers are invasive. Unfortunately, the grasses are so hardy and do such a good job at spreading their seeds, I don't think an army of invasive plant removers could make a dent in them...

Barb said...

Oh, No! Not again... Poor Kona and poor you. I hope all goes well, and she is none the worse for wear. You need doggy vet insurance!

Stella said...

Let our mantra ring: Bebrave,Kona, Bebrave,Kona, Bebrave,Kona and she might just surprise you!


The Thundering Herd said...

Woo - Kona - we are just catching up. Hope you get better quickly.

P.S. - Our word of the day is pawsled - we like that combination.

KB said...

Heal quickly sweet Kona! So glad that you're home. You'll feel better very soon. Your mom takes such good care of you.

We have a similar vet history around here. We joke that our vet hospital has a wing named after us!

LauraK said...

Goodness, I'm so sorry that Kona is going through all this, what an awful thing! I'm glad she's home and doing better, hang in there :)

Stella said...

We are keeping Kona in our warmest and most healing thoughts!


Kathy said...

wow, that weed sounds terrible, I should look it up and see what that plant looks like and try to steer clear of it. Poor Kona, that has to be so scary to be coming out of anesthesia and have the room spinning, etc...