Friday, July 16, 2010

A Dusty Path Flanked With Gold

I stayed outside last night until the sun hovered on the horizon and the mosquitoes chased me indoors. A weather system moved across the sky, painting wisps of pink as the sun set over the clouds. I knew this morning would bring another inspired sky. It did.

I knew the stormy sky would bring rain somewhere, as the humidity slowed my pace. (Sure enough, our local news station warned of flash floods and thunderstorms.) The heat left Kona panting, and she didn't seem to mind as I lingered to watch the sky. She even seemed relaxed as I snapped a picture of her next to our rusted barbed wire fence. I often wonder who put the fence up and what line in guarded so many decades ago.
As we hiked on, the sun crested over the forest in the east, turning the scorched landscape into a hillside of gold.

We turned around into the rising sun. I was grateful for the steep climb that blocked the blinding rays.

When we reached our turnoff point for the car, I decided to keep hiking. Kona followed without hesitation. A year ago, a change in routine would have shot her anxiety through the roof. It's the small things that remind me that I often have no idea what I'm doing with this little dog, but maybe we're on the right path.


Sam said...

Gorgeous photos - Kona's brilliant color matches the equally vivid hills behind her. It looks like a serene place to be, and I'm glad you both had a good time.

Sara said...

Love the shadow photo, it looks like Kona is actually watching the shadow. I also love the one where she is all goldeny herself (ok, goldeny is probably not a word, embarassing that I was an English major in college).

Isn't it great when you notice progress in your dog when you least expect it?

KB said...

Wonderful photos. I feel the same way sometimes - but I have no doubt that you're headed in the right direction with the Kona girl!

Barb said...

Your photos today are super! i just love the one of Kona basking in the golden light. That one might need to be framed. The hillside looks like a big heart under that perfect sky!

Stella said...

From what I can see, I think you are doing great with Kona, and Kona with you!

Keep on enjoying it all,

Jo and Stella

Kathy said...

those are such pretty pictures, you captured the beauty of the day so well. Kona looks marvelous in that setting, she is such a lucky girl to get to go on so many outtings, that has to be the perfect life for her mentally and physically

Diana said...

The pictures are just beautiful!! I love the sky. Diana

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart said...

The more I see Kona's ears, the more I wonder if anyone has ever studied ear shape as it relates to canine fears ... because Kona's ears are very much like Lilly's.