Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Little Faker

I put my shoes on this morning and Kona, who usually helps me put my socks on, curls up in her bed and turns her back to me. She only does this if she's not feeling well or is just too tired for a run. I figure she's had a busy and stressful week, so she might need to skip a trail workout.

I settle into work and a half hour later, Kona starts pawing my leg. I take her outside, throw her lizard, practice some obedience, come back inside.

Five minutes later, she's arfing at the cabinet where I stash her stuffies. I hand her her lion. I take her lion away after she rips the ear off and devours some stuffing. I ask her to lay down.

Ten minutes go by. I think she must have finally settled down, so I look up over my computer to check in. Here's what I find...

Tired, eh?


Sam said...

Doesn't look like she's tired, just looks like she doesn't know what the heck she wants today! ;)

We've had a pretty stressful week here, too - the fireworks that Marge heard in the field on Saturday coupled with some other stuff have made her really edgy on walks. Doesn't the summer stink? I think you and I need to get our dogs to the middle of nowhere for a good week or so.. places where there are no noise and no people (but lots of squirrels).

LauraK said...

What a great picture! Sometimes I wish dogs could talk so we could figure out their antics :)

KB said...

Methinks she isn't tired!

But, she sure looks cute! You should try hanging out with R if he doesn't exercise in the morning. Good luck getting ANY work done!

There are lots of squirrels here, Sam!

Sara said...

Her ears are awesome! Kona probably thinks she's hiding, but her ears give her away.

Oreo can go from asleep to 100mph in 2 seconds. I bet Kona can too.

Great photo!

Priscilla said...

She's stalking you!! I love the photo. It really made me laugh :) Like how little children try to hide and think they can't be seen!

Barb said...

Next time, if she turns her back, take her anyway! I know that look!

Kathy said...

LOL, what a character, guess Kona had her own agenda this morning that started with sleeping in! Somewhere in her plans guess the lion was destined to lose his ear, poor lion. ;-)