Monday, July 26, 2010

What's Your Anchor?

It's been one of those days. Three hours spent on the phone to fix the internet, only to find out there's a "power outage" with our server so I just have to wait. No internet means little work done. Painters are working on the outside of the house (for 9 hours), creating a seriously nervous Kona dog...

But the day started well!

It was another overcast morning, the marine layer so low that mist clouded the hills.
While I stopped to breathe in the fog, Kona practiced a sit. She broke it after a few seconds, but sat again when I asked her to and didn't whine.
I couldn't blame her for not wanting to stay still. There was a more important task at hand. Yes, it's wabbit hunting season. (If you enlarge the picture, you can just make out Kona's target in the distance).
I jogged at a steady pace, amazed that July has brought so many cool mornings. Kona moved at her own pace, running ahead, then freezing, then charging.
As we crossed the road that divides our trail, the sun seemed to rise out of the ground. I paused for awhile and took out my water bottle to offer Kona something to drink. To my shock and delight, she drank! Kona usually turns her head away from my water bottle, too hypervigilant to notice her thirst. I soaked up our victory moment.
As we climbed the steep section of trail, the sun barely seeped through the clouds. The sky looked surreal, like a movie backdrop.

I finished our run feeling refreshed. As the day unfolded in a series of inconveniences and frustrations, I became ever more grateful for my peaceful morning. I'm reminded how trail time with Kona helps me ride through the rest of the day, even the hair-pulling ones.


Priscilla said...

Love the new blog layout.
I'm glad your runs with Kona give you a fresh start to each and every day.

LauraK said...

What a fun, peaceful morning you gals had :) Riley would rip my arm off to get that rabbit, Kona is so well behaved just stalking it!

I'm SO excited for you to run the NYC marathon- what a fantastic opportunity. I'm really looking forward to reading about your training, and then soon about the actual event!!

Kathy said...

I love the overcast foggy mornings, it always feels so peaceful, wish we had those in the desert! Lucky we get your pictures to give us a taste of it! Wabbit hunting season, my dogs could get behind that sport!

Stella said...

Great blog but I am excited about Fridays! I have to think a little about how to help you, but I do want to.

How exciting to race in the Big City! More for later.

Jo and Stella

Dawn said...

She's going to love that you'll be running some longer runs...rabbits might not be so happy though!

Sara said...

We've been seeing a lot of rabbits lately too...or at least I have. My dogs don't notice them until they actually move! They wouldn't be very good hunters. LOL.

When the internet is down, I go absolutely crazy! I'm glad yours is back up.

Hey, do you know there are no hills in Manhattan? Your quads will be in culture shock.

Diana said...

The mist over the mountian looks just beautiful! Diana

KB said...

What a wonderful morning run! And, your water example shows how it pays to keep trying. K was afraid to drink from my camelbak for years, and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, started drinking. Now, she has a special way that she sits and looks at me to ask for a drink.

I agree about how a peaceful morning on the trails can make the rest of the day so much easier to coast through, even when it's a stressful one like yours.

Sam said...

No rabbits here - we occasionally do see them in parks, though. Marge LOVES to hunt them.

It sounds like your time on the trails today was really serene - the mist really puts you in your own little world, with everything else clouded behind it..

And good for Kona for drinking some water!