Monday, February 6, 2012

After Sunrise

I relish the first colors of the morning. Out with Kona, we have the first moments of the day to ourselves. But, like a kid after the last present on Christmas morning, once the sun crests the horizon, my anticipation is left standing. It's gone, over.

This weekend, when the sun rose across the Eastern mountains, the sky nearly knocked me off my feet. The day has only begun, the sky proclaimed.

Every space from sky to land vibrated with energy from the new sun. The crisp landscape glimmered in a way I seldom see.

Kona and I had the morning to ourselves. It's a morning I'll remember.


Sara said...

Wow! We don't get light like that at this time of year. Spectacular!

KB said...

I love that light!! The sunrise light is worth waking up for!!!!!

Kona and her shadow look so proud and beautiful in that last photo.

Sam said...

I LOVE mornings like that. There's nothing like spending a morning totally alone with your dog. Living in a place like Staten Island, it's kind of a rarity, so I really savor it when it happens!

I'll echo the sentiments about the light, too! Gorgeous.

Kathy said...

I love how your posts always remind me to look for the beauty ;-)