Saturday, February 4, 2012

Freedom Friday

When I arrived home Friday, Kona was there to greet me. Her welcome ran at half-spunk, but compared to hiding behind the chair the day before, her greeting was a good sign. Kona was less fearful of me, which meant she felt physically better. I took it was a green light for an easy outing.
We hadn't seen our trails for three days. Kona, who still becomes nervous on afternoon hikes, seemed happy to explore.
She showed off her two-legged stance,
and found not one, but two sand piles that needed digging.
We're still taking it easy this weekend. I think Kona has a minor muscle strain. She made several flying leaps during this outing (while I winced in anticipation of a further strained limb), to no ill effect. She still seems pitiful when she jumps up from bed, so we're keeping an eye out. But, I think we'll be at full force soon.
Half-force works fine too.


Sara said...

I'm glad to hear that Kona is feeling better, and not avoiding you anymore.

Dawn said...

She looks happy in those photos...such a pretty girl. She's lucky to have you, you're lucky to have her.

Barb said...

Kona looks peppy again. It sure is green there!

Kathy said...

it is good to see her happy and with some spunk and able to go out for an outting!!!