Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunrise Sunday: Daylight Savings

Given one wish (assuming world peace and rainforest restoration) I would obliterate Daylight Savings. Just as early morning begins to greet us with soft blue and grey, wham!, it's dark again.
So it was with only slight grumbling that Kona and I headed out for our last Daylight Morning Time on Saturday.
It'll be awhile before we enjoy so much light during our runs.

It's a good thing I have Kona to remind me it's not all about daylight. It's about deer sniffing, and you don't need to see for that, silly human.


Sara said...

I hate daylight savings time too. What the heck are we saving it for anyway? Bring on the morning.

KB said...

You and "the runner" are both on the same page on this one. Every year, he starts complaining weeks before the time shift, and then he whines for weeks afterwards. I print out sunrise charts for him to show him how very fast the sunrise is getting earlier now... Maybe I need to do the same for you?

Being a person who has a hard time getting up in the morning, I'm ashamed to tell you that I love DST. Is our friendship over? :)

Kathy said...

Hummmm DAMN that DAY LIGHT SAVINGS time, LOL. I dont blame you! Glad you took full advantage of the last morning before the change!